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Who we are

"Philadelphia" means "sisterly love".

We're a group of people who somehow came together to do something.

As humans, we are siblings. We think love has to look like something. So, let's go!

Samuel Ssabagereka

My name is Samuel Ssabagereka, I am married with a family. I work as a Medical Laboratory Technician at the Hospital in Kiboga, Uganda. 

In addition to my work as a laboratory technician, I taught German at the non-profit school in Kiboga for seven years. I learned German at the Goethe Institute in Kampala.

I was touched by the fate of orphans and needy students who dropped out of school because they lacked support. This intensified during the Corona period.

At a medical conference in 2021, I met Dr. Gerlind Anders. Together we started the Philadelphia Secondary School in February 2022 on the property I donated. I've been leading the project ever since.


Dr. Gerlind Anders

I'm Gerlind Anders and I've always wanted to see and support people in need. So working with orphans in India was close to my heart. At the same time I inform and connect people to support several projects in Uganda.

The Philadelphia Secondary School is particularly close to my heart because I see strong young people there, but also a dedicated team of teachers. There are so many opportunities to build schools and communities here. When I met Samuel we bonded around that vision and started the school that is now growing and thriving. 

CBO and the teaching team

The school would be unthinkable without our strong teachers. Charles is the headmaster and is responsible for running the school and does most of the teaching. In addition, there are various subject teachers and those responsible who actually make up the school.

Our school is backed by a "Community Based Organization" (CBO), which is comparable to a German non-profit association. Family members, parents and people from Kiboga are involved here to make our school possible.


...and many more

In addition, there are many supporters behind the Philadelphia Secondary School who make the project possible with their donations in kind, donations and other help. Funds have to be managed, donation receipts created, material collected. This homepage or our Instagram account must also be maintained. 

Thanks to Mone, Aaron and Andi Huhn, who spontaneously traveled to Uganda for a week to get to know the project and now actively support it. That's how it works and maybe YOU want to be part of the team too!

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