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Our school

The Philadelphia Secondary School offers young people in the underdeveloped region of Kiboga a good education, housing, care and a future. Our basis of values is the Christian faith. Our school profile is diverse and future-oriented.

We make a difference!

Our school

Samuel Ssabagereka, a young medical laboratory technician with very good knowledge of German, founded the Philadelphia Secondary School on his property near Kiboga in 2022. Its goal is to give students with poor starting conditions (orphans, half-orphans, neglected young people) a good education, Christian values and good prerequisites for a job.   150 students aged 14 to 20 are currently studying at the school, and soon there will be twice as many. These young people want to learn and have great potential. With the support of Dr. Gerlind Anders and many other donors, the first school buildings could be erected. Support is urgently needed for further extensive construction measures (second school building, dormitory, washrooms, kitchen).

Support options:

  • Donations for the other buildings

  • Personal help as a craftsman or teacher

equipment and projects

The possibilities at our school are almost unlimited. Thanks to the support from Uganda and Germany, the school has its own well, electricity from its own production and some land for self-sufficiency. Even two cows have already been donated to us. We are known as the "Bike School" because our students use this unusual mode of transport. We built our tables ourselves. We dream of a bicycle repair shop, expanding agriculture and using computers or IPads for teaching. The required equipment for the specialist rooms in physics, chemistry and biology is also urgently needed.

Support options:

  • Donations in kind (tools, bicycles, iPads) after consultation 

  • Donations for specialist equipment, tools and building materials

Students need support

A significant proportion of our students depend on support. They are orphans or half-orphans or come from families who cannot or do not want to afford the school fees. We see potential in these young people who, by the way, live like a family on our compound. The need becomes particularly clear during the holidays, about a third of our students remain on the school premises because they are not sufficiently cared for at home or are not really safe.

Support options:

  • Sponsorships: per student 40.00 per month (The commitment should be taken on for one year.)

view in the future

The necessary equipment for physics, chemistry and biology is currently lacking. In addition, the existing projects show that a lot is possible in addition to school. Students could fix the bikes themselves. They could develop their skills in music, sewing and crafts. Of course, a lot more is possible in agriculture. A big leap forward would be equipping it with a wireless router and a class set of PCs or IPads. 

Support options:

  • Donations in kind (instruments, bicycles, IPads) after consultation 

  • Donations for instruments, the WLAN equipment and the operation of the Internet on site (good reception)

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